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Alexandra Ehrlich Speiser

Useless Weapons Series // piece No 1 „S&W vs. Give peace a chance“

The 3D coordinates of a Smith&Wesson pistol was compiled with the data from the song “give peace a chance”. The glitched 3D object is still recognizable as a pistol however it could not perform its purpose of being built. The trigger mechanism is destroyed and it becomes pretty difficult to grab it with one hand. It is save to say that all mechanical parts have lost their function resulting in a non lethal pistol. Without its original power and deadliness, this pistol turns into a synonym of the power which unarmed our critical community- an error in a system (coordination grid) leads to the cleansing of other errors in another system (social)

Useless Weapons Series // piece No 2 „Grenade WWII vs. Mondnacht – Eichendorff“

Here as well, the original structure of the object is still recognizable. The glitched form hints towards a biological impression. The new connection of the rings with the body of the grenade reminds almost of a heart, which is surrounded by tenants and muscles with which the heart is well fit within the rest of the body. The golden plating of the object gives it is prestige, which reminds of opulent jewelry of rappers. A useless weapon as a status symbol.

Useless Weapons Series // piece No 3 „AK47 vs. Soldiers poem – MUSE“

No rifle is more broadly distributed and has claimed more kills than the AK-47. Also known under the name of its creator, Michail Kalaschnikow. In almost all wars raging on the world has seen this rifle in action: in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Congo, Mosambik, Sierra Leone, in the balkan states. Any conflict with ex soviet contenders still uses this weapon, present in armies some using modified versions of the original. Robust and functional in rain, mud, snow and sand, it even fits perfectly into the small hands of child soldiers. Worldwide there are 100 million AK47 in use.


More info about the project: https://www.useless-weapons.com


The White Page Gallery is a new culture for art curatorial practices based on the values of sharing, collaborations and openess. The White Page Gallery is a decentralized network made of indipendent galleries runned by people, such as artists and curators but not limited to those art practitioner figures, on their very own websites. The White Page Gallery is a concept happening every time someone or a group of people opens a WPG on their/her/his website dedicating a webpage to others’s exhibitions and art projects. The White Page Gallery happens every time a connection and a collaboration are established between a host and a guest. The WPG’s host offers a space and the setting up. The WPG’s guest offers the contents. Every host of the WPG has their/her/his own rules for their own gallery.

More info at: http://www.whitepagegallery.network/

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